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Mike Ryan
NgRx Core Team Software Engineer at Synapse

One of the most consistent complaints about building apps with NgRx is the amount of boilerplate developers have to write. The challenge when trying to solve the boilerplate issue is that the required explicitness is essential to get the full benefits out of the architecture. We think that by developing targeted libraries we can help reduce some of this boilerplate while retaining all of the benefits that NgRx provides.

Today we are excited to announce the release of @ngrx/entity, the first such library from the NgRx team designed to reduce boilerplate. Its goal is to help developers write reducer functions that maintain collections of entities.

How itWorks

@ngrx/entity lets you create for different kinds of entities. Using an entity adapter, you can quickly write reducer operations and automatically generate selectors. Pulling from our APC Merino Wool amp; AngoraBlend Crew Neck Sweater Visa Payment Online Shop Cheap Price yeon7X
, let’s say we want to write an application that manages a collection of books. The interface for books looks like this:

The first step to writing a reducer that manages this collection is to create an entity adapter:

Next we need to declare the interface for our books state:

The shape of EntityState looks like this:

There are two primary reasons we maintain a list of ids and a dictionary of entities:

The shape of meets both goals. It’s also extendable, so we can include other pertinent information in the collection of Books, such as the currently selected book.

Next we define some actions:

Now we are ready to use the to create our book reducer:

The new piece of state can be registered in the Store using the newly created reducer. The last thing we need to do is generate selectors for working with this state:

So what boilerplate did we save?

More documentation about Entity is available in the NgRx GitHub repo and usage in the example application .

NgRx 4.1Released

In addition to releasing @ngrx/entity, we have also published v4.1.0 of Store, Effects, and Router Store that includes a number of new features and bug fixes. For more information on what is included please check the changelog .

Help SupportNgRx

With NgRx 4 we announced the creation of our Best Prices Online Jasper Ruffled ColdShoulder Blouse Velvet Heart Latest Collections Online Cheap Eastbay YwOLc9Xs
where you can help support the development of NgRx. We are very thankful for the support received from our backers, sponsors and community. Entity is the first the library created as a result of those contributions. Entity is the first step in creating more libraries for the NgRx platform. Consider supporting these development efforts Free Shipping Cost Womens Crepe Hourglass TwoButton Blazer Haider Ackermann Supply Sale Online 1ky7Cqnd

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Cachexia is also associated with a reduction in circulating anabolic hormones. Testosterone concentrations are greatly reduced in patients with cachexia, resulting in a down-regulation in the rate of muscle protein synthesis. Although circulating growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) appear to be unchanged (compared with normal concentrations) in patients with heart failure, Hambrecht et al ( 15 ) described a resistance of skeletal muscle to the influence of growth hormone, including a 52% reduction in expression of IGF-I and IGF-I receptor.

Loss of body weight, fat, and skeletal muscle has been associated with increased mortality in patients with cachexia. COPD is associated with cachexia. In these patients, loss of appetite ( 16 ), decreased body weight, and low testosterone concentration ( 17 ), muscle mass, and functional status have been reported. Along with these changes, a large increase in NF-κB activation in skeletal muscle has been documented ( 18 ) and an increased rate of whole-body muscle protein breakdown ( 19 ) has been observed in underweight (cachectic) patients with COPD. Schols et al ( 8 ) examined >400 patients with COPD, and found that skeletal muscle mass was an independent risk for increased mortality and that body fatness presented no associated risk.

Although delivery of nutrition in patients with cachexia may provide energy and amino acids for protein synthesis, in certain cachectic conditions, providing energy and protein maintains weight but not muscle mass. In burn patients, providing continuous enteral feeding to >1.2 × resting metabolic rate increased fat mass with no effect on muscle mass ( 20 ). In patients with severe sepsis, delivery of total parenteral nutrition preserved fat mass, with no effects on skeletal muscle mass ( 21 ). In these patients, weight loss occurred when delivery of energy was less than total energy expenditure that increased as a result of a substantial increase in basal metabolic rate. Thus, fat mass can be preserved or increased in cachectic patients with appropriate delivery of energy. However, delivery of protein in these patients does not appear to preserve muscle mass.

Reduction in lean body mass, and an accompanying increase in fat mass, are among the most striking and consistent changes associated with the advance of age. Skeletal muscle ( 22 ) and bone mass are the principal components of lean body mass to decline with age. Sarcopenia was originally described by Evans and Campbell ( 23 ) and was further defined by Evans ( 24 ) as age-related loss of muscle mass. Subsequently, a number of authors have defined sarcopenia more specifically as a subgroup of older persons with muscle-mass depletion, usually defined as being 2 SD below the mean muscle mass of younger persons (typically expressed as age 35 y) ( 25 ). This loss of muscle results in a decrease in strength, metabolic rate, and aerobic capacity and thus, in functional capacity. Newman et al ( 26 ) has shown that muscle function (strength), rather than mass, is associated with mortality risk.

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Your kids need simple. You need simple. It’s a lie that our children need to constantly be stimulated with music and dance lessons, sports camps, play dates, and art classes. Those are all wonderful activities to develop skills and creativity, but we must be mindful of how much we schedule for our kids. Not only will their full schedules burn out their will and enjoyment but it will kill your intentional living pursuit.

Also, kids flourish in clutterfree homes and fewer toys. They need more free play outside and books. Raising kids is hard, but kids aren’t complicated. Conversely, they become more complicated as their closets and playrooms fill with toys. Maybe you’ve refereed a few battles over toys once or twice?

And interesting book, The Idle Parent by Tom Hodgkinson, posits that parents should be more concerned with finding peace and quiet for themselves rather than entertaining their children. It sounds harsh and anti-intentional, but actually it’s purpose is two-fold – the parents don’t lose themselves in raising overprotected kids and the children develop wild imaginations and self sufficiency that serves them for their lifetime. Whether you agree with the author’s position or not, it’s a very interesting read.

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“I wonder if it’s because, collectively, we know simplifying is vital not only for our kid’s health, but also for our own. Simplicity is a rare gift in modern life. It’s an obvious message, and when we hear it, we can’t help but shout YES.”

Deal with your past once and for all

If you find yourself dealing with the same demons over and again you may be missing the real lesson tangled up in your past. With gentle and purposeful reflection look back on your life and name the events or people that burden your conscience. Start to forgive. Forgive yourself, forgive others, and extract a positive lesson that can propel you toward the life you are working so hard for.

Forgiveness is freedom.

Recently my husband and I began to talk about things in our past that negativity affects our lives and relationship. We found that by not properly dealing with issues in our past we were holding back from each other emotionally. Beginning to work on releasing our demons we learn to trust more deeply and connect more authentically.

Imagine how freedom from your past can benefit your family life. Demonstrating self-forgiveness and grace for others to our children creates a grace-filled home where they know they are unconditionally accepted and valued. short duster Blue VOZ Discount 2018 Get To Buy Cheap Price Best Store To Get Sale Online bBdhXtR3

Change the mental tape
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Eman al Nafjan
A female trainee practices during a training drive on a private road at the Saudi Aramco driving school for women at the headquarters of the Saudi Arabian Oil Co. in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, on Tuesday, June 12, 2018.
Getty Images (2)

When the longstanding ban against Womens Party Time Cat Long Sleeve Crusher Tee XXXL Heather Gray Life is good Cheapest Cheap Online Discount Price Outlet Store Shop For Discount Visit qmzm5xeZk
was lifted on June 24, Eman al–Nafjan, one of Saudi Arabia’s most prolific blogger-activists on the subject, should have been celebrating. She had written on the subject of women’s rights in Saudi Arabia at SaudiWoman’s Weblog for nearly a decade, and raised awareness in a way that few outside the Kingdom ever could. (Her bilingual blog was often the first stop for foreign journalists planning to visit the country, helping them make sense of the inherent contradictions between being a Saudi woman and striving for rights that many Saudis deride as “Western feminism” antithetical to Saudi traditions.) But her international recognition may have been her undoing. In May, al–Nafjan, along with several other Saudi human rights activists, was detained and jailed on unspecified charges . State media has labeled her a traitor, a charge that can merit up to 20 years in prison—proof that, even as Saudi Arabia appears to modernize, there can be high costs to challenging the leadership. —TIME Staff

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Scott Rogowsky
HQ host Scott Rogowsky
Getty Images (2)

Rogowsky was getting ready to leave New York, where he had pursued a comedy career, for life in Los Angeles when he snagged a hosting audition for HQ Trivia, a live game app promising cash prizes to winners. Since launching in 2017, Buy Online Outlet Cheap Best Seller Lemlem Merino Wool Knit Poncho Really For Sale Eastbay For Sale Get New 2CLEP
—and Rogowsky himself—have blossomed into phenomenon, reaching millions of players who tune in twice a day to answer the game’s 12 questions (which range from easy to obscure) in an attempt win money. The wildly addictive app’s success is driven in no small part by Rogowsky, whose monologues and witty banter in between questions have united eager competitors across the world. Known by affectionate nicknames like Quiz Daddy or Trap Trebek, Rogowsky—and his puns—are a big part of why so many people hanker for their HQ Trivia fix each day. While a team of writers usually prepares material for Rogowsky, the onetime improv comedian frequently goes off script and his humor and style keep players returning to the game. As one fan put it Outlet Latest Collections Sale Get To Buy Petite Sheri Slim in Black Black Womens Jeans NYDJ Petite Factory Outlet Cheap Online Free Shipping 2018 Unisex Cheap Sale Many Kinds Of 6aQaBc4
, “everyone needs 15 minutes of scott in their lives.” —Mahita Gajanan

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